Programming atmega using USBasp

December 14, 2008 at 08:30 (microcontroller)

For burning a  program in a AVR uc using usb port instead of parallel or serial then USBasp is the best option. For circuit diagram of USBasp click here. following are the procedure for burning the hex file

  • Install the avrdude (winavr) ,it can be downloaded from click here

  • Download USBasp driver ,you can download it  from click here

  • Connect cable directly to USB port of computer .

  • Wait for windows information “New Hardware Found USBASP”. If device isnt detected, check the board for errors and reconnect again;

  • After device is detected Driver setup wizard opens. Select where USBASP driver is located. It is in directory you’ve downloaded with firmware. If you unpacked in D: drive, than driver should be in D:\usbasp.2006-12-29\bin\win-driver\ and press next:

  • there are many GUI available on net , using which u can burn the code , i think AVR8_Burn-O-Mat was the easiest one which can be downloaded from click here , dis GUI is self explanatory .

  • select the uc , specify the hex file

  • click on write , it will show msg flash successfully written.


  • click on verify to verify.
  • if got some error msg instead of flash succesfully written , these may be the reasons for the error
  1. avrdude: error: could not find USB device “USBasp” with vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc , reason may be

    “USBasp” is not Connect , check your connector or u haven’t installed the driver (install it) click here

2.   avrdude: error: program enable: target doesn’t answer. 1 , reason for dis error

  • Programmer isn’t connected with Target circuit
  • ISP Connector is bad connection
  • Target circuit power is OFF

3.   avrdude: verification error , first mismatch at byte 0x002a0x31 != 0xb1 , reason is verify error so try again.

4 .  if you got an error message “flash successfully written error while  verifying flash” the reason for this error is the power supply , Vcc which you are providing is less than the specified value 5 – 4.5 V .

……..if you found this tutorial helpful or have any suggestions … do leave a comment.



  1. kartriter said,

    seems useful!

  2. kv said,

    quite nice…many people are facing this problem says google!
    Mattu – the problem solver!

  3. Eko Rudiawan said,

    Nice news & nice blog guys
    let’s rock with avr MCU

  4. Rohit said,

    One can also use progisp as the application for USBASP this is a small self contained software(chinese and english version) 1MB.


  5. praveendb said,

    thanx for suggestion
    u can dwld progisp from this loction
    but i think for beginner avr-burn-o-mat will be easier to use as compare to progisp.

  6. Akhil kumar s said,

    I am not able to detect the IC using USBasp…
    My usbasp has 5 outputs, whereas microcontoller has only 4

  7. praveendb said,

    which uc u r using?
    connect o/p of USBasp to
    of atmega.

  8. sudarshan said,

    I recently bought your keeprog mk2. It was working fine for some time.But now
    on trying to burn a hex file onto a microcontroller the avrdude gui 2.0
    says can’t open device “giveio”.Even on other burning softwares like
    KHAZAMA avr programmer it says unable to find SSB device “USBasp” with
    vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc.
    I would be really grateful if you can help me out.
    Thanking you,

    • praveendb said,

      uninstall the old driver and install it again!!!!!!!
      try AVR Burn’o’MAT

  9. saransh said,

    Dear sir ,
    i connected the usb asp with atmega8 miniavr board i tried using burn-omat its giving me an error process 3
    and also i tried using sina prog this software is not detecting the atmeg8 at all can you please help me with it ?

    • praveendb said,

      gimme details abt the error..

  10. Devyang B Shah said,

    i am busy with one project & need technical guidance? do you take consulting work?


    • praveendb said,

      contact me @ praveen[dot]1324[at]

  11. frenky said,

  12. Awais said,


    Can i connect ATMEGA16L instead of ATMEGA8???

    • praveendb said,

      with minor modification yes…

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